FruitFight! – Currently in Development. 

FruitFight! is a bidding and bluffing game. Choose one of six characters, all with unique abilities, and collect as much fruit as possible to win. Players take turns to select the cards to auction, creating either a juicy jackpot or a rotten deal. During each auction phase, a random mix up action card is placed in the auction to add a twist to the game. Be careful what you fight for, in FruitFight!

What’s included:

83 Card Fruit Deck

10 Card Mixup Deck

6 Character Cards



*image may not represent the final product

Game Characters

Fruit Fight Characters - Baron BlackberryBaron Blackberry – Evil Capitalist

The Baron was a spoilt child, his wealthy parents giving him everything but love. He grew up into a heartless and prickly adult, much like the Blackberry bushes that cover his family large estates. His parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and with his inheritance, he began trying to corner the fruit market. He undercut prices, driving many farmers and fruiterers out of business. His goal is to collect as much fruit as possible, before jacking up the price and reaping the rewards.


Fruit Fight Characters - Mr AppleMr Apple – Bankrupt Farmer
Mr Apple grew the best apples in the district. He leased his land from the Blackberry family, under the condition they could also grow blackberries there. Over the years, however, the blackberry bushes grew larger and larger, until the apple trees were overshadowed and started to die. When Mr Apple complained, the Baron laughed in his face. He lost a court battle and had no choice but to close down the farm. With his last savings, Mr Apple has ventured into the fruit trading business, hoping to get revenge on the Baron!


Fruit Fight Characters - Miss BlueberryMiss Blueberry – Disgruntled Lawyer
Miss Blueberry was a young lawyer whose first case was pro bono, representing Mr. Apple against the Baron. She was about to win the case against his army of lawyers until he bought her law firm and got her fired. With nowhere else to turn, she worked as a fruit packer until she had saved up enough to move into trading. Hoping to use her experience in legal disputes to her advantage, she plans to beat the Baron at his own game, and bankrupt him!


Fruit Fight Characters - Dr OrangeDr Orange – Mad Scientist
Dr Orange became obsessed with the cleaning power of oranges. His father was forced to work in a soviet prison, cleaning using a substandard state manufactured cleaning solution. Vowing that no one would ever have to scrub hard again, he invented an amazing orange based cleaning solution. However, due to Baron Blackberry’s stranglehold on the fruit market, his company failed to obtain a steady supply of fresh oranges and collapsed. Adapting his inventions for combat instead of cleaning, Dr Orange plans to destroy Baron Blackberry and his empire.


Fruit Fight Characters - Mrs Grape

Ms Grape – Annoyed Librarian
As a child, Ms Grape couldn’t wait to finish school and escape working on her parent’s vineyard. She had a passion for books and eventually became a librarian. Unfortunately, the Baron decided to burn her library down for no apparent reason. Rather than going back to work on the farm, she plans to use her cataloguing ability to track prices and quality and become a successful fruit trader. Then using the profits, she will rebuild the library so Mr Apple can learn to read.


Fruit Fight Characters - Mr BananaMr Banana – Failed Stockbroker
Mr Banana was a high-flying stockbroker, trading fruit futures for Baron Blackberry. After the big fruit price crash of ‘95, he lost his job and ended up dealing bananas down at the local beach front. He hit rock bottom and resorted to eating six banana sundaes every day to cope with the stress. Some of his friends intervened and helped him raise enough funds to become a fruit trader. Armed with his intimate knowledge of bananas, his goal is to make it to the top again.

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